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Make a Wish update

Make a Wish update

We have updated our Make a Wish collection by adding new Emit 2.0 glass and Big Wish.
Lantern Bright Brass LE promotion

Lantern Bright Brass LE promotion

The season of giving. Starting December 1st, every customer will receive a Lantern Bright in brass for each € 100 spent on Black Raven Beads.
Black Raven Black Friday

Black Raven Black Friday

Meet our Black Raven Black Friday offer! Buy 3 Get 1 FREE. The least expensive item will be gifted to you. Our Black Friday offer is valid from 24 to 27 November 2023.
Klimt Tree of Life stopper promotion

Klimt Tree of Life stopper promotion

Get a free Klimt Tree of Life Stopper when joining our promotion between 26 October to 31 October 2023.
Frida collection update

Frida update and Guang Gong

Today's release introduces two new Frida Kahlo sterling silver beads and Guang Gong, Chinese legend, a symbol of honour and righteousness.
Ginkgo stopper promotion

Ginkgo stopper promotion!

22 September 2023 will be release day! We are adding silvers to Mystic Autumn Forest and are introducing The Magic of Trees, a collection of wooden beads. You can benefit from a promotion during the first days of the release, from 22 to 27 Sep...
Raven bead

Introducing three new beads; Raven, Raven claw and Hug

On the day of our second anniversary, we are adding Raven, Raven Claw and Hug to our cornerstone collections.
Celebration! Our 2nd anniversary.

Announcing a celebration!

Our second anniversary we would like to celebrate together! We are doing something very special.
River Jasper and Borneo Red

River Jasper and Red Borneo

Introducing our two new and beautiful energy stones representing reassurance and self love! 
Buffalo dangle promotion

Promotion FREE Buffalo Dangle

Be like a buffalo because they run towards the storm. We are giving the Buffalo dangle away for FREE when spending at least €130 in (any) Black Raven Beads. The offer is from 3 to 8 August 2023. You may also request any of our other dangles as...
Promotion Symbols of the Sea

Promotion Symbols of the Sea

What memories are you collecting this summer? We have a special promotion for you on 15 and 16 July 2023! You will receive -20% off the Symbols of the Sea collection when buying at least two items. 
Lapis Lazuli and Purple Agate

Lapis Lazuli and Purple Agate

We are excited to introduce two new and beautiful energy stones to you! Lapis Lazuli and Purple Agate. All our energy stones are natural, without added dye.   Both new energy stones are available at all our authorized retailers and us. Our sto...
Energy Stones promotion buy 3 get 4

Energy Stones Promotion!

BUY 3 GET 4. Use coupon FREESTONE to receive 1 FREE Energy Stone (value € 45) after adding at least four Energy stones to your basket. Also included in our promotion are the Bumblebee Jasper and Crazy Lace Agate stones. 
Monet collection


Colour is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment. Introducing our latest collection, inspired by the beautiful works of Claude Monet.
Sounds of Spring update

Sounds of Spring 2023 update

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. We have added few pieces to our Sounds of Spring collection! This 2023 update adds the Almond Blossom, Sterlitzia flower and Narcis stopper.
Ivy Stopper Promotion

Ivy stopper promotion!

Benefit from a brand new promotion that runs from 21 to 30 April 2023. You will receive the Ivy stopper for FREE when spending at least €130 in (any) Black Raven Beads. Multiples are allowed.
Green Banded Onyx and Aventurine Energy Stones

Green Banded Onyx and Aventurine

We are excited to introduce two new and beautiful energy stones to you! Green Banded Onyx and Aventurine stones are now available at our retailers and us!
Your Inner Dragon - Dragon lock and new Magic Dragon glass

New dragon lock and glass!

Remember... Your Inner Dragon? LOCK on and get ready for more dragon magic!  Today we are adding a dragon lock and magic dragon glass to our collection! 
Energy Stones March 2023 - Coral Jasper and Mystery Jasper

New Energy Stones!

Today we are adding two new stones to our Energy Stones collection! Coral Jasper and Mystery Jasper.
Odin's Ravens dangle promotion - gift with purchase

Odin's Ravens dangle promotion

The best vision is insight! Therefore, we are letting you know we will have a promotion from 2 to 9 March 2023. You will receive Odin's Ravens dangle for FREE when spending at least €130 in (any) Black Raven Beads.
Product retirement 2023 February

Retirement overview 2023 February

We have retired some of our products and themes; Magical Winter, Love, Courage & Faith and Nourish your Body. The remaining stock is on promotion.

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