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Exquisite Bead Jewelry Inspired by Claude Monet's Artistry


Black Raven Beads Monet Collection
Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.

Introducing our latest collection, inspired by the beautiful works of Claude Monet. Our design team has captured the essence of Monet's impressionist paintings and incorporated them into a stunning new collection. This collection will surely bring a touch of serenity and elegance.

Join us on a journey through the artistry of Claude Monet with our inspired product line.

Black Raven Beads team

Monet Lily Pond Collectors Set

Monet Lily Pond Set

Claude Monet's Lily Pond is a series of paintings that depict his flower garden at his home in Giverny, France. These paintings feature water lilies, willow trees, and other aquatic plants, with the reflections of these elements captured in the tranquil pond.

This stunning set set contains the Lily Pond and Water Lily silvers, two beautiful green glass "Le Bassin aux nymphéas" and two lily pond stoppers, out of which one is a FREE stopper.
Monet Lily Pond

Monet Lily Pond

Claude Monet's Lily Pond is a beautiful masterpiece that captures the serene beauty of nature. The painting depicts a pond filled with lilies, surrounded by trees and greenery. Monet's vibrant colours and brushstrokes create a sense of movement and tranquillity. The painting is a part of Monet's more extensive series of water lily paintings, which he worked on for over 20 years.
Monet Water Lily

Monet Water Lily

Claude Monet's Water Lilies is a series of artworks that depict the artist's flower garden at his home in Giverny, France. The paintings are famous for their vibrant colours and impressionistic style. Monet began working on the series in 1899 and continued until he died in 1926.
Monet Lily Pond Stopper

Monet Lily Pond Stopper

Monet ordered had the Japanese bridge constructed, and filled the garden and pond with lilies and irises imported from Japan.
Monet Le Bassin aux nymphéas

Monet Le Bassin aux nymphéas

Monet is considered one of the pioneers of the impressionist movement, and his style is evident in his painting of the Lily Pond. His use of light, colour, and brushstrokes creates a sense of spontaneity and fluidity, giving the painting a dreamlike quality. The Lily Pond is a beautiful example of Monet's love for nature and his ability to capture its fleeting beauty.
Monet Les nymphéas

Monet Les Nymphéas

After moving to Giverny, Monet painted 250 pieces for a series titled Nymphéas,or Waterilies. He wrote, "I planted my water lilies for fun when I suddenly saw that my pond had become enchanted.
Monet Soleil Levant

Monet Soleil Levant

Monet's "Soleil Levant" is an Impressionism masterpiece that captures the essence of a sunrise over the harbour at Le Havre. The painting's loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours convey the ever-changing and fleeting nature of light and atmosphere. It was met with mixed reactions when first exhibited in 1874 but has since become an iconic work of art, emblematic of the Impressionist movement.

Our Soleil Levant glass displays multiple colors when exposed to different light.
Monet Soleil Levant


Overall, I adore this new Monet Collection and it is the perfect addition to my Artist Collection. I love that I can mix these up with other artist for a fun and inspiring bracelet or I can create a nature inspired bracelet.

A look at our Monet Collection of beads by Paula @ Beadsaholic

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