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Stopper beads for bracelets and bangles

Secure your journey with Black Raven Beads collection of stopper beads. Our stopper beads fit our bracelets and bangles, and are compatible with Trollbeads™ and Redbalifrog bracelets and bangles.


Clam stopper

23,14 €

Happy as a clam.

Fairy Stopper

23,14 €

Remember to stop and smell the flowers.

Be like the gargoyle bat, embracing the shadows with grace, finding strength in the depths of darkness.

Ginkgo Stopper

23,14 €

Lost time is never found again.

Learn to bend with the winds of life.

Narcis stopper

31,40 €

Every day is a renewal.

Oak Leaf Stopper

23,14 €

Storm makes the oak grow deeper roots.

Peony stopper

20,66 €

Love is the flower you have got to let grow.

The direction of life is from duality to unity.

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Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads stands for daring to see your inner soul and the deep powers within you. Every bead will touch you in a way that you need at that moment.

Our sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and hand-finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.

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