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Fairytales - Timeless Magic!



The Fairytale Collection: Timeless Magic

We are introducing our Fairytale Collection, a captivating series of beads that beautifully blend the magic of timeless stories with the elegance of handcrafted jewellery. Each bead in this collection is designed by Andrea and Frank and skillfully hand-carved by Yande, bringing to life the enchanting worlds of beloved fairytales.

Crafted from the finest silver, these beads are more than just jewellery—they capture the essence of adventure, courage, and beauty in stories passed down through generations.

Highlights of the Collection

  • Thumbelina on a Peony Rose: This delicate bead features the tiny Thumbelina resting gracefully on the soft petals of a peony rose, symbolising the beauty and strength found in the smallest of beings.

  • Bellflower Fairy: Featuring Thumbelina napping inside a bellflower, this bead embodies tranquility and the beauty of finding peace in nature’s embrace, reminding us of the importance of rest and reflection.

  • Star Catching Fairy: A fairy with a magical net, this bead captures the wonder of catching dreams among the stars, encouraging us to reach for the endless possibilities in our lives.

  • Moon Fairy: A fairy sitting in a house with the moon in the background, this bead embodies the quiet magic of nighttime, whispering secrets of the night and the beauty of serene moments.

  • Fairy Teapot House: This charming bead showcases a whimsical teapot house, symbolising the warmth, comfort, and security of home. It reminds us of the joy of simple pleasures and the importance of a haven.

  • Seven-League Boots: Representing Tom Thumb's legendary adventures, this bead inspires us to embark on our quests, facing challenges with courage and determination.

  • Giant's Boot: A symbol of challenge and opportunity, this bead captures our momentous obstacles, encouraging us to find strength and growth in adversity.

  • Immerse yourself in enchantment with 7 magical beads with our Fairytales collectors set, which includes 1 fee bead, offering you savings of 48 euros. An excelent gift set. Begin your fairytale journey today!

Handcrafted Excellence

Each bead is crafted from high-quality silver, ensuring durability and a timeless shine. Andrea's intricate designs are brought to life by Yande's expert handcarving, resulting in detailed and unique pieces that resonate with the charm and magic of fairytales.

Wearable Art

Our Fairytale Collection is not just jewellery; it is a collection of stories you can wear, inviting you to embrace the magic within your life. Whether worn as a pendant, charm, or keepsake, these beads remind you of the power of imagination, nature's beauty, and the human spirit's resilience.

Within each bead lies a tale of wonder and wisdom, reminding us that life's greatest adventures begin with the smallest steps.

Embrace the magic of our Fairytale Collection and carry the stories of courage, beauty, and enchantment with you wherever you go.

Frank & the Black Raven Beads team

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