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Birth Announcements

Birth Announcements from Nature

Birth announcements from nature
Mother nature lovingly adds new life and beauty to all that is.
Mother Nature can create and shape. She is the fundamental force that allows life to appear, exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe.

Our Earth is so unique and deserves so much love. The nature we get to enjoy is so pure and beautiful. Be aware of life, of Mother Earth and all the possibilities she offers. It's so unique that it's there and what it all does for us.

Witness the birth of animals and the buds in the branches. A whole world full of growth and bloom. Mother nature gives life and sends birth announcements through small miracles.

Enjoy nature and be reminded of its beauty by wearing these exquisite silver beads.
Owl Love

Owl Love

Every wise owl has once been a chick.

This silver bead of an owl with her beautiful chick. Did you know that the
owl is the bird of wisdom? He can see and hear very well and turn his head
around 180 degrees.

When you encounter the owl, it is often a sign that you are ready for something new. The owl gives you the confidence to take the step. Use this owl charm to help transition when a significant change comes your way.
Fox Love

Fox Love

Family always comes first.

Our beautiful heart-shaped silver bead with the mother fox and her cub. It exudes true maternal love.

Did you know that the fox spends much of its life alone? He hunts and sleeps alone. Only when there are cubs does a fox live in a group. The foxes dig burrows underground, in which they raise their young. When the young leave the nest, they stay with their parents for a while.

The spiritual significance of the fox can help us develop our intelligence,
creativity and cunning.
Seal Love

Seal Love

Don't ignore your potential.
What a special silver charm of a seal with her pup. There is so much playful love between those two!

Did you know that the Seal symbolises following your own path? The Seal is connected to the elements water and Earth. The Seal may seem a bit clumsy on land, but it will overcome any obstacles that come its way.

Focus on the things you are good at and your talents and goals. The Seal teaches you that it is important to develop the individual talent that makes you unique.


 Show the people around you that you are amazing.

Don't hide!

Deep down, you know you can handle anything.
Bird Lock

Bird Lock

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

This is a unique silver lock showing young birds on a branch. Did you know that birds symbolise nature, peace and freedom? Their ability to fly and sing are among the most beautiful things on Earth.

The spiritual meaning of birds is a journey. Exploring and discovering your relationship with the world around you is a journey.

We consider relationships with the people around us the most important source of meaning. We want to feel understood, seen and loved by our family and friends.

Use this beautiful bird lock to feel that you are not alone.
Mother Nature Dangle

Mother Nature Dangle

The Earth is what we all have in common.

This silver dangle with the creative symbol of mother nature is gorgeous.

Did you know that mother nature is a reference to the fertility goddess? 

She is always the mother of the other gods and is also seen as the patroness of motherhood. This view stems from the idea that terrestrial nature carries, nurtures and sustains all life in its womb, and absorbs it again when it decays.

Wear this dangle as a sign of unconditional (mother) love.
Mother Nature Dangle

Birth Announcements from Mother Nature Collectors Set

Celebrate motherhood with our Birth Announcements form mother Nature
collectors set.

This set contains: Owl Love, Fox Love, Seal Love, Birds Lock and a FREE
Mother Nature dangle.

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Mother Nature dangle
Birds Lock

Bird Lock

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Seal Love

Seal Love Charm

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Fox Love

Fox Love Charm

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Owl Love

Owl Love Charm

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