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Monstera Deliciosa Charm Bead
Monstera Deliciosa Charm Bead
Monstera Deliciosa Charm Bead
brn025t.jpg Charm Bead
brn025.jpg Charm Bead
brn025b.jpg Charm Bead

Monstera Deliciosa Charm

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Designer Andrea  Material Sterling Silver 
SKU BRN025 Size 14x14x10mm
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Our beads fit charm bracelets of all major bead brands.

Monstera Deliciosa Charm

The Monstera plant is highly significant. It is often associated with respect for humanity, honouring elders, and longevity. The plant's unique leaves symbolize hidden secrets, inner strength, and the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment. This silver bead on your bracelet reminds you to focus on things that add value to your life.


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