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Magical Winter

Creating space and silence within ourselves gives us new insights, and our inner wisdom will be heard. Let the owl guide you on your own unique path and tap into your inner knowing.


Inner Wisdom Owl

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The Wisdom you seek is already within you.
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Category: Magical Winter

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The Wisdom you seek is already within you.

You can use the silence of winter to discover yourself. When all noise is gone, you will hear your inner wisdom. The owl can remind you of this inner knowing. Trust your intuition and follow your heart.  Create your own magical story and later look back with gratitude on how you started your journey: once upon a time…


Saturday, 14 October 2023
I have a major love for these birds and I wanted this amazing wise Owl full of wisdom in my collection!
So lovely carved with his huge glasses to learn as much as he can, standing on his Wisdom book. 
We are already best buddies!
Ermione Papadoulis

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