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African Adventure

Let the magic of the bushveld captivate your soul and create memories to last a lifetime.


If I ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.

African Safari

37,19 €

A safari is not just a journey. It is an awakening of the senses.

African Savanna

37,19 €

The eye never forgets what the heart has seen.


18,18 €

Face the storm.

Heritage (LE)

37,19 €

Lost time is never found again - Nelson Mandela.


37,19 €

It's the circle of life.

Size M is for those who wear 19, 20, and perhaps 21cm. The bracelets come in multiple patterns and colours.

Size S is for those who wear bracelets up to about 18cm in length. The bracelets come in multiple patterns and colours.

Meerkat Family

37,19 €

You gotta put your past behind you.

Rural (LE)

37,19 €

You may leave Africa, but Africa never leaves you.

Tribal (LE)

37,19 €

Your vibes attract your tribe.


37,19 €

Hakuna Matata.

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Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads stands for daring to see your inner soul and the deep powers within you. Every bead will touch you in a way that you need at that moment.

Our sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and hand-finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.

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