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Our collection of handmade sterling silver, glass, wooden and stone charm beads.


Great things often have small beginnings.

African Safari

37,19 €

A safari is not just a journey. It is an awakening of the senses.

African Savanna

37,19 €

The eye never forgets what the heart has seen.

Almond Blossom

37,19 €

True beauty lies in the purity of the heart.

Cold nights, frosty mornings, warm blankets, a fireplace. Let's get lost in a world of books and hot chocolate.


37,19 €

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud.

Aries Skull

Aries Skull

37,19 €

Saying no is a protection spell.

Autumn Time

39,67 €

The most precious resource we all have is time.

Baby dragon

32,23 €

It's never too late for a new beginning in your life.

Beacon Lighthouse

37,19 €

Surround yourself with those who light your path.

Bell flowers

28,10 €

Good thoughts, good things.

Bellflower Fairy

39,67 €

In the quiet embrace of a bellflower's petals, Thumbelina reminds us that within the smallest moments lies the greatest beauty and the deepest peace.

The journey toward self-discovery is life's greatest adventure.

Big Wish

42,98 €

It all starts with a wish!

Bird in Peony

39,67 €

Find your happy place.

Bird Lock

45,45 €

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.


32,23 €

Never lose hope; instead, make a little birdhouse in your soul.

Mother nature lovingly adds new life and beauty to all that is.

Blackberry Mouse

Blackberry Mouse

37,19 €

Ask for what you want, and be prepared to get it.

Blanket Fort

38,84 €

A cozy blanket is a haven that wraps you in warmth and comfort.


37,19 €

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

Book Reading Fairy

38,84 €

Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be.

Bracelet length

Within the circle of a bracelet and lock lies the boundless strength of love and loyalty.

Bracelet length


18,18 €

Face the storm.

Cat Fairy

35,54 €

Cats leave paw prints in your heart.

Cherry Blossom Ring
Ring size

Ring size

Clam stopper

23,14 €

Happy as a clam.

Conch shell

37,19 €

Seashells are love letters in the sand.

As the weather turns chilly, gratitude warms my heart.


90,08 €

Start your day with a positive mindset.

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Black Raven Beads

Black Raven Beads stands for daring to see your inner soul and the deep powers within you. Every bead will touch you in a way that you need at that moment.

Our sterling silver beads are made using the lost wax casting process and hand-finished by locals in and around Ubud, Bali.

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